What is a Thai Traditional Marriage?

Aspects of Thai Traditional Marriage are various; however, not all of the traditions lasts until the present. The forms of the ceremony can be arranged as the couple or their families wish. The traditions vary depending on the regions of Thailand. However, we shall try to present hereunder the alived common practice in the central Thailand.
The engagement ceremony certainly takes place before the wedding. Nevertheless, many couples arrange this ceremony on the day of the wedding as it is practical and economical.
In most cases, the Thai wedding ceremony is non-religious even though monks may be involved.
Indeed, no vow is announced but the ceremony has a strong symbolic aspect insuring a good start for the newlyweds.
To insure happiness and prosperity, the date and time of the ceremony must be chosen carefully. The couple may consult a monk or an astrologer to verify that their stars are compatible.
The invitations shall mention the commencing time of the ceremonies; however, only the parents and close friends of the newlyweds would attend the monk blessing in the morning.
A boudhist ceremony does not construe a legal status of the marriage. For that purpose, the registration of the marriage must take place at any District Office.